3 Assumptions that are Holding You Back From Learning How to Lunge Your Horse

Do you ever wonder why some people know exactly how to handle their horse’s training? Here is the secret: It’s because they’ve overcome their assumptions and committed to learning as much as they could and actually practice what they learned.

The good news is, you can become a good lunging trainer too and help your horse to get fit and strong! The first step to doing so starts with identifying what those assumptions are and overcoming them. In this blog, we share 3 common assumptions that we have heard and can hold most people from starting to learn how to lunge their horses.

Assumption #1: I’m not “naturally good” at groundwork

Feeling a bit insecure is common in the beginning but here is the truth: ONLY you can feel the connection on the ground with your horse. Of course, you can get help from a groundwork expert, but they will never know your horse as well as you do.

You can learn that this assumption is not true by talking with other trainers in online communities like our Facebook Group, taking a course, and starting practice with your horse.

Assumption #2: Lunge is just letting the horse runs around in a circle 

A lot of people think so, but this is not true. Effective lunging training is not so easy and often the horse can really get hurt if the trainer doesn’t have the proper knowledge to do it.

The goal of lunging is to build the horse’s fitness and balance while familiarizing your eye with his movement and soundness. There are a lot of techniques inside Lunging Training and to become a good trainer you need to learn all of them.

Assumption #3: Lunging is only for Dressage riders

Another common belief is that lunging is only for Dressage riders.

You need to let go of this belief now!

We have seen lunging trainers from different backgrounds, disciplines, and ages.

If you want your horse to become a strong riding horse, lunging is a must! All horses can benefit from it, from pleasure horses to sport horses whose equestrians dream of a career in dressage.

Do you have any beliefs that are holding you from becoming a great lunging trainer? Share with us below and we can help you!