4 Sticky Note: How to role up the lunge line

Most people would say they have an idea about on how to role up the lunge line. While we use the lunge there are small mistakes that tent to come along silently. Here a short reminder on how to do it and what to pay attention to.

Common faults when handling the lunge

While lunging a horse the lunge line is one of the main connecting points. Handling the lunge correctly is essential. Here are a couple common mistakes we spot frequently:

1. Stiff hand and arm
Are you holding the lunge so that your arm get’s stiff? Also pay attention if you’r holding your hand to high or low.

2. The lunge is too loose and trails on the ground
A tailing lunge is dangerous for he trainer, as he/she can become entangled in the loops.

3. Contact constantly too tight 
Taking a ‘dead’ pull on the lunge temps a horse to lean against the pull, result is desensitizing your horse in the mouth and a constant fight.

4. Gathering the lunge incorrectly
Never roll up the lunge line right around your hand or with two many small loops – this can become dangerous if the horse takes off.

5. Lunger changing position constantly 
You need to be the center point for your horse, so it can bend around you. Further it helps you to remain a steady contact.