5 Common Mistakes While Handling the Lunge Line

The Lunge Line is the rope that attaches the horse to the lunger, it’s attached to the side of the bridle to the bite ring. Because it’s the only physical connection with your horse, knowing how to handle it correctly is essential. Most people would say that they have an idea about how to roll up the lunge line, but often there are small mistakes that tend to come along silently. So here are 5 common mistakes while handling the lunge line that you need to be aware of.

Drawing: Person handling a lunge line

1. Stiff hand and arm

Are you holding the lunge so that your arm gets stiff? Also, pay attention if you’re holding your hand too high or low.

2. The lunge is too loose and trails on the ground

A tailing lunge is dangerous for the trainer, as he/she can become entangled in the loops. Section your line evenly to get a consistent length every time you release a loop, this helps prevent your line from falling to the ground

3. Contact constantly too tight 

Taking a ‘dead’ pull on the lunge temps a horse to lean against the pull, resulting in desensitizing your horse in the mouth and a constant fight.

4. Gathering the lunge incorrectly

Never fold the lunge line right around your hand or with too many small loops – this can become dangerous if the horse takes off. The lunger could be dragged or have an arm injury.

5. Lunger changing position constantly 

You need to be the center point for your horse, so it can bend around you. Further, it helps you to remain in steady contact.

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