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3-Month The Art of Lunging Membership

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Pilates for Horses

– the perfect lungeing training to cross-exercise your horse –

only $ 67

[as a 3-Month Package]

What you get:

Only now as a special during the pandemic we are adding: 

  • Access to the Masterclass the Art of Lunging as a self study version. It’s a ten class course, which has comprehensive information, as well as little homework, quizzes and exercises you’ll get to practice with your / a horse.

Further perks of the membership package:

  • Periodical Lungeing Training eCourse mails
  • Three certified experts with a combined expertise of over 70 years training horses share their insights in lungeing with you
  • Be-weekly series with known guest speaker with expertise in dressage, vaulting or lungeing
  • Access to our video library with how to videos as well as featured horse profiles on how lungeing improved and benefited individual horses,
  • Example Training sessions with lunging workouts for stretching, lengthening, suppleness, calmness and relaxation or rhythm.
    Know how to structure your be-weekly lunging training for your horse!
  • Issue topics  and trouble shooting tips in which we look in detail at certain lungeing skills as well as problem solving of challenges you run into during lunging
  • The Q&A corner with your lungeing professionals – send in your questions and get your personal answers!
  • Monthly Member Zoom call with our experts and other members where you can ask your questions.
  • Monthly mini clinic and workshop via Zoom to address particular lunging topics, with how-to demonstration and expert tips.

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Become a member of Lunging Training

a platform with lunging training courses, videos, and workshops to cross-exercise your horse

Many of us probably have lunged a horse before and know about the basics of lunging. But it is so easy to lose the little details. Just like we need correction and refreshers for riding, we also need it for the groundwork and lunging training we are doing with our horse.

Be the best cross-trainer you can be for your horse!

  • Do you want to want to be sure that the work that you’re doing on the ground benefits your horse?
  • Or learn how to train a draft horse for lunging training without looking like David against Goliath?
  • Are you interested in learning how other experts solve problem horses while lunging, like drifting to the outside, out of balance, or cross-cantering?

With the Art of Lunging Membership, you can refresh and improve your lunging training skills. You will gather insights from the lunging training techniques from Europe, where lunging is used to provide top dressage and pleasure horses with a proper cross-training to riding.


Lunging, as any kind of groundwork, will improve the bond to your horse. The trust you build between you and your horse will benefit your riding too.

“If you cannot handle your horse on the ground well, you will not be able to become a better team for riding!” – Birgit Class

The benefits of the Art of Lunging Membership:

  • Refresh and extend your knowledge about lunging training
  • Get the exclusive insights from Europe and our experienced trainers in the U.S.
  • Build up a stronger bond with your horse
  • Try new exercises – In our video library we give you example workout sessions for your training – especially during shortened barn times!
  • Get suggestions and exercises for your own training
  • Increase your horsemanship and lunger skills through our featured student cases and horse profiles
  • Become the best cross-trainer for your horse you can be!

We’re in challenging times right now, and many are cooped up at home as the stay-at-home orders have been extended. We understand this frustration and we want to help!

Special: We’re now including the Masterclass the Art of Lunging (Value $345 as a class course), as a self-study course as part of the membership!*

After this course, you’ll have:

✔️  Gained basic skills as a lunger / or refreshed your knowledge about lunging as a cross-training

✔️  Strengthened your understanding of the different lunging equipment, how to use it, and what to use for each horse, situation, or training goal you have

✔️  Become an expert on the different side reins and how to best leverage each type

✔️  Accomplished practical experiences on how to handle the lunge line, whip, and your voice commands for a pleasant workout for your horse.

✔️  Developed and strengthen your eye and skill to assess which horse needs which lunging program: we’ll do video assessments of several horses accompanied by our experienced coaches

✔️ Outlined your horse’s personalized lunging training plan to get fit into spring & summer

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Art of Lunging Membership

[including access to the self-study Masterclass, The Art of Lunging]

Pilates for Horses

the perfect lungeing training to cross-exercise your horse –

only $ 67!

as a  3-month access package

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You can cancel your trial every time during the 5-days!
And if you like itAfter 5 days the membership, it’s very easy: it automatically turns into your 3-Month membership after the 5-days.