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Lesson 1: The Introduction to Lunging

Author: Tyler

Lunging is exercise and stretching training for young or experienced horses. It’s practiced on a rein approximately 30 feet long, which is attached to the bit or a cavesson. Using…

Lesson 2: Where to Lunge

Author: Tyler

In order to lunge your horse successfully, the first piece you need to start out is a safe place for your furry partner! When choosing the right location to start…

Lesson 5: Side Reins and Their Use

Author: Tyler

There is a lot of information available, and many contradicting opinions, on the use of side reins in horse training. We respect that everyone is allowed their own opinion and…

Lesson 6: Correct Use of Lunge Line

Author: Tyler

It is essential that the trainer knows how to use the equipment correctly as only then can they hope to achieve work of value and tailor the lunging programs to…

Lesson 7: Correct Use of The Whip

Author: Tyler

The Whip To lunge without a whip is a waste of time, as it is like riding without forward-driving leg aids. If used incorrectly it disturbs and frightens the horse.…

Lesson 8: Correct Use of The Voice

Author: Tyler

The voice is an important supporting aid. The Voice  Your voice can calm or encourage your horse. The tone of the voice is more effective than the actual word uttered,…

Lesson 10: The Pyramid of Training

Author: Tyler

The Training Pyramid The training pyramid is the most important guideline for trainers, riders, lungers, and judges. The training pyramid is separated into three parts: Development of understanding and confidence,…