Lungeing Training is the collaborative effort of several experts in lungeing, a supporter team and partner network. Together we bring you an inside look at lungeing, a training technique practiced in Europe for top dressage and pleasure horses.


The Experts of Lungeing Training – Collective Knowledge for one go-to lungeing platform


Meredith Dugar

Meredith Duggar studied under Daniel Stewart to achieve her Level 4 Ride Right Coaching certification.

She has continued her education with Mr. Stewart as her mentor to improve the Ride Right program at 2K Stables. She is also studying under the classical Dressage methodology, Legerete, (lightness, ease, and grace). Both programs consider the development of the horse and rider team. The Ride Right program emphasizes the mental and physical aspects of the rider and the Legerete method teaches a logical approach to teaching and riding classical Dressage, paying close attention to the progression of the horse and rider through each level of riding.

Her teaching program includes Video Analysis, Sport Psychology, and Rider Fitness.

Meredith truly enjoys the wide range of students she’s able to teach,  and relishes the opportunity to hone her ability to help each student reach both their short-term and long-term goals; which range anywhere from improving the quality of their ride and their relationship with their horse and developing confidence.


59730_10200517147146639_1306913722_nBirgit Klass-Bastian

Brigit has over 30 years of horse experience. She has been a barn manager, as well as the head of different riding clubs.  Her passion has always been for groundwork, especially lungeing. She has learned from many great masters, like Rolf Petruschke a famous dressage judge and head trainer of the central stud of the Hanoverian horse,  and completed several certifications with the German Equestrian Federation (FN). She has a trainer B license, and gives courses in groundwork, lungeing and double lungeing several times a year.

In addition, she has a certification as a natural health practitioners for animals and takes a holistic look at the horses she works with. For the past two years, Birgit has worked at Finca Barock, where she trains Spanish horses — Andalusian and Lusitano, Frisian, Baroque Pintos and Warmbloods.

She is our resident expert in lungeing training and address all of your questions. Furthermore, she provides content and recounts her experience in our upcoming Lungeing Training ebook.  

“We offer the perfect cross training to keep your horse in shape.”


10177486_10201687460123732_9016509603923092045_nAlex Susenburger 

Alex is the owner of Finca Barock, and a professional horse trainer and sales person. She has been been on the horse’s back since she was three years old. She has international show experience and trains and sells mainly baroque horses.

“Finca Barock is excited to be part of the expert team. There is clearly a demand for instructions in lungeing as an efficient cross training for horses. I have twenty sales horses and would not want to work without lungeing as cross training. Riding on a loose and well trained horse based on good  cross  exercise is a pleasure. I give several times a year weekend courses in lungeing for my clients.”


christoph-LensingChristoph Lensing

Christoph Lensing is one of the most sought after clinicians for equestrian vaulting in the world. As a former vaulter in the years between 1987 and 1996, Christoph won the World Vaulting Cup and European Championships three times and the German National Championships four times. He is one of the most renowned vaulters of our times because of his skill but also his dedication to the sport equestrian vaulting. Since the end of his active vaulting career, he has been focusing on coaching many individual vaulters and teams to the highest levels worldwide.

He has also been training many vaulting horses and supported building up teams in finding the right horse. Knowing the right lungeing training for the vaulting horse is crucial for the success of the horse and team.

Christoph share with us tips on lungeing in the weekly How-To videos, as well as in our eCourses. He gives insights from the lungeing training for a vaulting horse and how these can be applied for dressage or pleasure horses.


Tyler Rohm

Tyler Rohm is a distinguished and experienced equestrian from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Tyler grew up trail riding and began taking classical dressage lessons at a Hanoverian barn where the foundations of riding were set in. After setting a strong foundation and an independent seat, Tyler moved to Hunter/Jumpers and competed locally. Tyler went to college and has two Bachelor’s degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University, where Tyler also rode on the IHSA competitive team. 

After college, Tyler joined a Hunter/Jumper barn specializing in retraining OTTBs and rescue horses. Tyler learned how to handle hot and anxious horses as well as being the barn’s pony catch-rider for the naughty ponies. The wide-ranging equestrian background that Tyler has allows them to understand the big-picture mechanics of riding without being attributed to just one discipline. 

Tyler has developed and managed multiple online courses, allowing them to be the best point of contact for our online services.


Allie Kuopus

Allie has been into sports and riding since her early childhood. She is very passionate about horses, and a solid cross-training is at the core of what she advocates for. She is also a coach for cross-fit. Allie comes with a strong marketing and PR background and is the current Marketing and Social Media brain behind the lunging platform. Her vision is to go much further:

“Lunging Training by Horse Pilates does not just have the potential to offer only lunging training: I am seeing it as a future equine health platform where you can get information about how to keep your horse healthy, fit and in shape: from cross-training, like lunging, to nutrition and hoof care. Stay tuned”

Technical Lead

Patrick Federhen

Patrick is overseeing all efforts from the technicals side, such as website management, video production, and digital marketing strategies.

We will feature additional experts as guest speakers in our eCourses.