Have You Looked into All of the Ways that Lunging Training is Beneficial for You?

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“I never realized all of the little things that go into lunging training…”

That’s what Jen had to say after taking our course.

Through The Art of Lunging Masterclass, she was able to easily apply our techniques to improve her horse’s musculature, 

to solidify her lunging training skills, 

and to walk away knowing she has a comprehensive lunging training plan.

Have you looked into all of the ways that lunging training is beneficial for you?

Jess said:

“I’ve done lunging before but I’ve never used or learned how to use the different kinds of equipment, like sliding side reins.

Through our easy-to-understand explanation of each piece of lunging equipment, as well as our how-to videos, Jess was able to transform her groundwork skills.

Elizabeth said:  

“I really appreciated the breakdown of each step of correct lunging.”

Through our weekly group coaching calls and

individual assessments during the first week,

Elizabeth was able to get the complete guide to correct lunging training.

Kim said:

“Since you guys are so hands-on, this could be for anyone from a beginner to someone like me who knows something but always has more to learn.”

We limit our class size to 10 participants to ensure 

that each learner finishes our class

with comprehensive lunging training knowledge

and a solidified summer lunging training plan.

“I liked seeing all of the different horses because it shows me the possibilities of lunging training.”

This isn’t just for your horse,

we will show you how to plan for any horse you work with!

Step up your skills and join in on our upcoming masterclass.

The program starts in 3 days!