How Lungeing Training is Beneficial for All Riders

What if you don’t ride English?

Maybe you’ve been a barrel racer your whole life, or you compete in Western Pleasure.

Or maybe you love going out on the property and going for a trail ride. 

Many people who don’t use lunging in their discipline have succeeded our masterclass. (Register here.)

It doesn’t matter if you don’t ride English. 

In our most recent class, we have an equestrian who’s primary experience is in driving. She has a herd of five horses, including three miniatures. She had this to say about our class: “I see the value of lunging training and adding it to my training program, especially with my younger horses. This class forced me to learn and my mustang as well. I know what to look for and have a goal to work towards.” We love having different disciplines in our classes!

Here’s another participant who has benefitted from our program: “Due to the age of myself and my horse, I need a way to strengthen and stretch “Max” on days I do not ride. And I want to learn to do it correctly for Maximum benefit.” She’s been in our class for 6 weeks and her and Max are doing wonderfully!

And finally, hear from another participant who is benefitting from learning The Art of Lunging: I am a retired nurse practitioner and dressage enthusiast! I have a 16 year old Oldenburg and we are showing 4th level with a personal goal of PSG in 2021! I have never lunged very much because I thought he didn’t need it. However, I have recently been working with a trainer who very much believes in the value of lunging and now I am seeing the benefits.”

The fitness your horse will gain, the strengthened bond between you, and the flexibility for your horse is beneficial for any kind of riding that you do.

As you can see, our masterclass benefits riders of all disciplines. 

Lunging training is a beneficial cross-exercise for horses and riders of all disciplines, skill levels, backgrounds, and ages!

Whether your training goals are for showjumping or reining, you will benefit from our masterclass. 

We will show you how to properly exercise your horse for any discipline and give you the necessary skills to be able to assess any horse you’re working with. 

Don’t miss out and join our masterclass today!

We start June 14th.