How to Get Your Horse Fit after Coming Out of Lockdown

The last couple months were rough on all of us. The pandemic significantly impacted our horse time and what we were able to do with our favorite furry partner. Are you concerned that you’re not able to reach your training goals for this summer?

Were you negatively affected by reduced barn time,

shorter riding hours,

Or were you unable to ride at all for a few weeks? 

We know it’s hard to meet the goals you set for yourself when it feels like the pandemic ruined your plans. It can be easy to feel like throwing in the towel because this got in the way.

Our masterclass allows you to catch up on the training that you missed when you were forced to be locked down. We created this class to help you learn or refresh your lunging skills so that you and your horse can come back from this time as a stronger and more connected team. 

Are you nervous that your horse is going to lose their strength?

If you had unlimited resources right now, and you wanted to focus on your horse’s strength, how could you do that the best? 

It wouldn’t be endless trot poles.

It wouldn’t be hills every day.

It wouldn’t even be riding your horse as often as you possibly could.

The best way to increase your horse’s fitness, relaxation, and rhythm is to use lunging training as a cross-training correctly. 

Why? Because many people don’t know how to lunge effectively and leverage lunging exercises to its full potential. Most of the time when we talk to equestrians they think of lunging a horse as attaching a long nylon line to the horse’s halter and spinning both the horse and lunger around in circles until they are tired out and they are dizzy.

Sounds familiar?

How about assessing your horses current training status first, also in terms of the pyramid of training, and the abstracting a personalized training plan?

Have you considered to introduce different types of side reins into your lunging work? Targeted to the training goal you’re looking to reach?

Asking your horse to do endless trot poles only builds up one select muscle group. Your horse might learns to build a steady rhythm, but doesn’t learn to keep impulsion for all three gaits.

Taking your horse up and down hills builds up their hind end and their balance, but doesn’t create good flexibility through their long back muscle. 

How do we know this? Because in Europe, trainers and riders use lunging training as a cross-exercise to riding, for every discipline. It’s not just an exercise you do to blow off your horse’s steam. 

This means that your horse will benefit from lunging training – regardless of how you ride or how they were trained! 

Do you want to get caught up on your summer training schedule?

Our masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about lunging training. You’ll be able to interact with our trainers on weekly Zoom calls, receive a personalized lesson plan for your horse, and develop your eye and intuition to be able to assess any horse you work with for lunging. 

The best part? You and your horse will come out of this pandemic as a fitter, stronger, and more connected team. 

We can’t wait for you to join us! We only allow 10 people in each class, so now is the time to join. Don’t wait, because registration closes on June 14th and those 10 slots are going to fill up fast!

We can’t wait to see you in our next class.