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The Course will Start April 19th, 2020

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Our 10-lesson course covers comprehensive lunging information, as well as little homework, quizzes and exercises you’ll get to practice with your / a horse.

You’ll be in a small group of other lungers with regular Zoom calls and a closed group to share your experience and exchange ideas.

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Are you worried about taking this class during COVID-19? We understand! We will work with whatever your situation is during this time.

After taking this class, you’ll have:

✔️ Gained basic skills as a lunger / or refreshed your knowledge about lungeing

✔️ A good understanding of the different lunging equipment, how to use it and for which horse, situation or training goal to use what

✔️ Gained insights in the different side reins and how to leverage those best

✔️ Accomplished practical experience on how to handle the lunge line, whip, and your voice commands for a pleasant workout for your horse.

✔️ Developed and strengthened your eye and skill to assess which horse needs which lunging program: we’ll do video assessments of several horses accompanied by our experienced coaches

✔️ Outlined your horses training plan to get fit into spring

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“The Art of Lunging”
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