5 Ways to Keep Lunging Interesting

You’re getting yourself and your horse ready for your weekly lunging session. You go to grab the cavesson or halter, the lunge line, and the whip. As you’re thinking about what you’re going to do for this session, you start to realize that you’ve done the same thing each lunging session.

Sure, your horse is gaining muscle and behaving nicely. But are you sure he isn’t bored? Here are 5 new ways you can change up your lunging to keep things interesting.

1. Start Somewhere New

If your horse is solid in his lunging training, you can start to lunge in new locations! This can be in a different corner of the arena, out in the field, or anywhere where your horse isn’t used to working. Not only does this give him a new location to work in, but it works his brain as he lunges to focus on you and not react to the new scenario.

2. Change Up the Pattern

Usually when you lunge your horse, you move through the three gaits in the workout session, ending with the canter. After your warm-up session, change it up a little bit! Ask your horse for half a lap of trot before you transition down to the walk. Ask for one collected canter lap before you move back to trot. Include two laps at the walk in the middle of your session. Not only will this help keep your horse’s attention on you but it also allows him to be curious about what workout is coming up next.

3. Create a New Ending

We understand and appreciate the importance of the cool down phase. Try doing this in a different location or a different way! You could walk your horse in hand to cool him down. You can take him for a calm walk around the property. This gets his brain thinking and out of the rut of doing the same lunging session every time. Or, you can add other exercises onto the end of your session.

4. Add in Liberty and Other Groundwork

After your lunging session, you can incorporate liberty training or other groundwork exercises into your session. This can look like having your horse free (in a safe area) and asking him to follow you. Or running close to him and seeing if he’ll trot next to you.

Liberty work is about allowing your horse to be free so don’t focus too much on the specific exercises! You want this to be a fun activity for you and your horse to do together after his lunging workout.

5. Lunging Training Plan

Are you constantly trying to come up with new ideas for your horse’s lunging? We recommend creating a lunging training plan for you and your horse! You can include things such as: your long-term goals, your weekly goals, exercises to practice, and more! It’s important that you plan out your horse’s workout just like you would plan out your own. The more you plan the workout sessions and track your horse’s progress, the more results you’ll see! You can also plan in fun exercises to do each week for your horse’s interest.

Want a more comprehensive guide on lunging? Stay tuned for a course we have coming soon!