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Are you interested in learning more about our Masterclass “The Art of Lunging” want to see if it’s a good fit for you?

It’s a ten-class course with comprehensive lunging training information, as well as homework, quizzes, and exercises you’ll get to practice. You’ll be in a class capped at ten people, with weekly Zoom calls and a closed group to share your experience and exchange.

Be a part of our next group – starting on June 14th, 2020!

After taking this class, you’ll have:

✔️  Gained basic skills as a lunger / or refreshed your knowledge about lungeing

✔️  Strengthened your understanding of the different lungeing equipment, how to use it and for which horse, situation or training goal to use what

✔️  Gained insights in the different side reins and how to leverage those best

✔️  Accomplished practical experiences on how to handle the lunge line, whip and your voice commands for a pleasant workout for your horse.

✔️  Developed and strengthen your eye and skill to ass which horse needs which lunging program: we’ll do video assessments of several horses accompanied by our experienced coaches

✔️ Outlined you’re horse’s personalized lunging training plan to get fit into spring

Be the best Lunging Trainer for your Horse that you can be

We know that you feed your horse the best to keep him healthy and strong,
And that he gets the best vet and hoof care.

We’re sure you’ve heard around the barn, “Wow, your horse looks so good!”
Their coat is shining, they’re well-muscled, they’re in great shape!
You always want the best for your horse.

Our Lunging Program will SOLIDIFY your horse’s training and
will round out the amazing care you take of your horse.

We want to share with you the story of Marco

Meet Marco.

Meet Marco

Marco came to us with his owner, Linda.

Linda is an older woman, in her seventies,
And she owned Marco from the time he was a young foal.

As you know, horse’s backs tend to sway as they get older.
At 15, Marco wasn’t fitting his saddle correctly anymore,
And his back muscles were changing before Linda’s eyes.
What could she do?

Linda had never used lunging training with Marco before,
Much less used side reins.
Linda knew she wanted to do the right thing for Marco,
But she just didn’t know how.

She wanted to learn The Art of Lunging.

How we helped Linda – and Marco

Ready to learn more?

Learn more about Linda and her horse Marco’s story and how lunging helped them to improve Marcos fitness, health, and well being.

Don’t miss your chance – contact us to learn more about our Masterclass!

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