Learn the basics of lungeing and how to start.
We show you different videos and photos to introduce you to the pleasure of lungeing exercises for your horse.


Let’s see what others say about lungeing: 

How and Why we lunge a horse – Kate Federall, manager at Plumpton Collage, UK

Kate’s main reasons why we lunge at a glance:

  1. Exercise the horse, also when you are running out of time
  2. Great for the horses to blow off some steam
  3. Improve walk, trot and canter
  4. Want to lunge a fresh or young horse before you ride them
  5. Helps the horse with suppleness and balance – which increase the horse’s basic schooling
  6. Good to take a step back and review the horse from the ground
  7. The horse gets used to our voice aids, which helps with riding


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