Only 2 Spots Left – Offer Ends Soon!

Wow, we are SO blown away by the response to our offer of the Masterclass The Art of Lunging, starting tomorrow June 14th!

We’ve had so many sign-ups since yesterday,

And we can’t thank you enough for the response!

The Art of Lunging is almost ready to begin,

And we are so excited to help you learn to be the best lunging trainer for your horse!

Were you able to join our class?

If not, you’re in luck – we have two spots left!

We’re only extending this offer – and only have space in the class –

Until the class starts tomorrow on June 14th.

After that, we’ll be closing the class.

If you are ready to join our masterclass, then what are you waiting for?

We start tomorrow with our Week 1 class: You’ll start by taking an assessment of your horse for lunging.

In our weekly group call, you’ll receive feedback on the strengths of your horse.

In our first meeting, you’ll be able to start to develop your eye for what to look for and how to outline a lunging training plan.

Homework to benefit your learning

Each week, you will see that there are quizzes to round out your knowledge, and pictures or videos to post in our closed Facebook group for coaching feedback. Together, we’ll assess your lunging equipment and we’ll walk you through what works and how you can improve to better suit your training goals.

Exercise practice – Why are we whipping cans?!

Each lesson, we give you exercises to practice that will hone your skills to improve your lunging training knowledge. This includes whipping cans with your whip to be sure that you’re giving clear cues. We walk you through improving and perfecting all of your lunging aids so you can be the best cross-trainer for your horse that you can be.

We only have two spots left – are you ready to claim yours?

To better your horse’s musculature, 

to gain or refresh your lunging training skills, 

and to walk away knowing you have a comprehensive lunging training plan. 

Step up your skills and join in on our upcoming masterclass.

We are so excited to share this short-time offer with you and we can’t wait to see you in class!