Lungeing Training is the collaborative effort of three experts in lungeing, and an entire team of supporters. Together we bring you an inside look at lungeing, a training technique practiced in Europe for top dressage and pleasure horses.


What are we doing? 

Lungeing works for every discipline and every breed of horse.  In our online coaching videos we will offer step-by-step instructions on how to longe your horse in a variety of situations: with different side reins, double lungeing, when working with a young horse or one recovering from an injury.  The options are endless!

We will offer regular Lungeing Info subscriptions through which we will keep you informed about lungeing techniques and feature different horses with specific needs. In addition, you can send in questions via social media which we will answer on social media, in our eCourses or with short instructive videos.

The team is currently working on an ebook about lungeing, and we are planing to feature our first lungeing starter video-course in spring 2015.


Who are we? 


Birgit Klass-Bastian

Brigit has over 30 years of horse experience. She has been a barn manager, as well as the head of different riding clubs.  Her passion has always been for groundwork, especially lungeing. She has learned from many great masters, like Rolf Petruschke a famous dressage judge and head trainer of the central stud of the Hanoverian horse,  and completed several certifications with the German Equestrian Federation (FN). She has a trainer B license, and gives courses in groundwork, lungeing and double lungeing several times a year.

In addition, she has a certification as a natural health practitioners for animals and takes a holistic look at the horses she works with. For the past two years, Birgit has worked at Finca Barock, where she trains Spanish horses — Andalusian and Lusitano, Frisian, Baroque Pintos and Warmbloods.

She will be our resident expert in lungeing training and address all of your questions. Furthermore, she provides content and recounts her experience in our upcoming Lungeing Training ebook.  

 “We offer the perfect cross training to keep your horse in shape.”



Sue Nicole Susenburger 

Sue studies PR and advertising at DePaul University in Chicago.

In Germany Sue trained horses for equestrian vaulting and taught lungeing and vaulting for 15 years. Sue has seen amazing results using lungeing as a cross-training method for horses. She has completed two lungeing exams (level II and III) and earned her trainer license in equestrian vaulting at the German Equestrian Federation (FN).

While completing her degree at DePaul, Sue started sharing her lungeing expertise at a friend’s local barn. When she tried to order lungeing equipment she discovered there was no place in the States to purchase what she needed. It was then that she realized just how uncommon it is in the US to use lungeing as a gymnastic-like cross training exercise for horses.

Sue also volunteers and trains horses for the Chicago Vaulting team.

“I’m very excited to realize this project where I can combine my passion for horses as well as PR, marketing and digital media.” 

Alex Susenburger 

Alex is the owner of Finca Barock, and a professional horse trainer and sales person. She has been been on the horse’s back since she was three years old. She has international show experience and trains and sells mainly baroque horses.

“Finca Barock is excited to support this unique project. There is clearly a demand for instructions in lungeing as an efficient cross training for horses. I have twenty sales horses and would not want to work without lungeing as cross training. Riding on a loose and well trained horse based on good cross exercise is a pleasure. I give several times a year weekend courses in lungeing for my clients.”

Many, many more…


Together we are a team of about 10 people with horse and lungeing experts, PR and marketing professionals, writers and editors as well as fantastic mentors that are helping to get this project started!  More bios are coming soon. 

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