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Want to learn a new skill for you and your horse?

Or maybe you want to brush up on your training skills while you can’t get out to the barn?

You’ve been thinking about different ways to exercise your horse, to make sure they’re fit as they come back from winter?

Get your insights into “Art of Lunging” with our expert Christoph Lensing!

Learn from equestrian vaulting trainer and world champion Christoph Lensing the insights about the art of lunging – based on his experience lunging horses for equestrian vaulting.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why We Lunge a Horse – Basics of Lunging
  • Lessons Learned from Lunging a Horse for Equestrian Vaulting and What Dressage or Pleasure Riders and Others Can Adopt From It
  • Pyramid of Training Transferred to Lunging
  • Introduction of the Systematic Use of Side Reins
  • Problem Solving– We’re Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Watch a few minutes with one of the most known lunging experts in the Equestrian world.

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About the featured Experts: 


Christoph Lensing is one of the most sought after clinicians for equestrian vaulting in the world. Christoph won the World Vaulting Cup and European Championships three times.

Since the end of his active vaulting career, he has been training many vaulting horses and supported building up teams in finding the right horse. Knowing the right lungeing training for the vaulting horse is crucial for the success of the horse and team. Christoph will share with us insights from his experience in lungeing training for vaulting horses and how these insights can be applied for dressage or pleasure horses.



Sue moved a couple years ago to the USA. In Germany Sue trained horses for equestrian vaulting and taught lungeing and vaulting for 15 years. Sue has seen amazing results using lungeing as a cross-training method for horses. She has completed two lungeing exams (level II and III) and earned her trainer license in equestrian vaulting with the German Equestrian Federation (FN).

Sue started sharing her lungeing expertise at a friend’s local barn. When she tried to order lungeing equipment she discovered there was no place in the States to purchase what she needed. It was then that she realized just how uncommon it is in the US to use lungeing as a gymnastic-like cross training exercise for horses.