This Program Was a Game Changer

As a reminder, our summer class for The Art of Lunging starts this Sunday, June 14th!

You can register here.

We’ve had great participation and results in our past classes. It’s been so much fun to see the journeys of the participants and their horses. Here’s what one of our last participants had to say about the class:

Curious about what’s inside the Masterclass?

Take a sneak peak at what you’ll learn:

Introduction and the Assessment
What is lunging training, and how is it beneficial as a cross-training exercise? Which level of training fits your horse? 
Create The Assessment for your horse. 

Where to Lunge
We’ll show you the safest place around your barn to exercise your horse, and why it’s important to measure.
We’ll give you ideas if you need them!

Lunging Equipment and it’s Use
Do you have a cavesson laying around? Learn what it is, why the order you use your equipment in is important, and how to lunge safely and correctly.

Different Methods of Attaching the Lunge Line
What do you do if your horse carries his head too high? Learn where to attach the lunge line to troubleshoot head carriage and other issues!

and that’s less than half the class! Plus, you get:

✅ Weekly Group Coaching Calls

✅ An exclusive online group of other participants

✅ Example How To Videos

✅ Practice exercises you can start today!

We’re only taking 10 participants!

If you’re ready to improve your horse’s musculature and finalize your summer lunging training program,

See you on the inside,

Your Lungeing Training Team