Help your horse to stay healthy, fit and in shape with Lunging Training
THE ART OF LUNGING Help your horse to stay healthy, fit and in shape with Lunging Training - Stretching and Strengthening Training for Improved Performance in ALL Disciplines
Course Overview

Have you ever struggled with your horse being crooked and stiff?

Do you wish your horse would work more forward downward, and be more soft on the bit?

We all want our horses to relax and stretch while also building up the top line and needed muscles.

Would you know how to lunge correctly if you saw that your horse was weak in the hind end?

What if your main goal was to help them step into and under themselves to gain balance?

Stiffness and tension in the back of the horse is one of the most common issues. Just like us humans, horses need to stretch and lengthen and cross-train from riding.

Learn how to use Lunging Training to encourage relaxation, stretching and healthy rhythm.

Choose the Fitting Course for You and Your Horse

Horse Pilates is a online platform to help you to keep your horse healthy, fit and in shape. The methodologies, and approaches of effective lunging training are our focus.
We offer you different levels of course programs of ‘The Art of Lunging’: tailored for your interest, time and level of knowledge and practice.

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MASTERCLASS The Art of Lunging – A Sneak Peak

The Lunging Helped my Riding

I love what I learned about the Lauffer/Vienna reins. My Haflinger has already started to stretch down as he walks and a little at the trot EVEN under saddle!
Lacy T. Masterclass Graduate

Applying Lunging for Actual Training Purposes

I had had quite a bit of lunging experience as well as training - for vaulting. But never for conditioning and I really liked what I learned.
Trish S. Basic Course Participant
Learn. Refresh. Perfect.No matter if you have been lunging for a while and want to step up your lunging skills or if you are completely new to lunging - our courses are tailored for all levels.
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