Partnership Opportunity – Masterclass for Riding Schools and Barns

Thank you for your interest in an affiliate partnership with Lungeing Training through our Masterclass, The Art of Lunging!

Building up trust

We’re in this together!
We’ve been thinking a lot lately about horse training businesses like yours, and our heart truly goes out to horse trainers who have lost business the past few months. According to the, the impact of COVID-19 on trainers is tremendous, leaving many businesses to try to find ground via go-fund-me campaigns; leaving shows to be canceled or pushed back to October.

How are you compensating and staying in contact with your students? 

Are you having trouble staying connected while your students can’t ride? We would love to help! We’d love to partner up with you through our online course – so you can stay engaged with your students while they improve their horsemanship and lunging skills from home.


Our ten-lesson course is a comprehensive look at lunging training as a cross-exercise to all disciplines. You’ll get access to the course, homework, and quizzes where students can test their knowledge, as well as exercises to practice with their horses. They can also learn based on the videos from past participants.

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You get to join our weekly Zoom call where we review videos, examples, and homework.

Participants join weekly group calls with our trainers and you, learn all the basics of how to lunge, as well as how to put together an individualized lunging training plan for a horse! You’ll get your personalized online barn, group where you can share pictures, homework, and videos throughout the course as well as gain insight from others in the group.

Take a sneak peak of the lesson plan:

After taking this class, your students will have…

✔️  Gained basic skills as a lunger / or refreshed their knowledge about lungeing

✔️  Strengthened their understanding of the different lungeing equipment, how to use it and for which horse, situation or training goal to use what

✔️  Gained insights in the different side reins and how to leverage those best

✔️  Accomplished practical experiences on how to handle the lunge line, whip and voice commands for a pleasant workout for the horse.

✔️  Developed and strengthen their eye and skill to asses which horse needs which lunging program: we’ll do video assessments of several horses accompanied by our experienced coaches

✔️ Outlined an personalized lunging training plan to get the horses fit into summer

We’re inside for another month

Illinois extend it’s stay-at-home order until the end of May. It’s still difficult to have lessons at the barn, and if so only a few students at a time. This is an opportunity to have your students be connected in an online class format and strengthen their relationship as a team.

Let’s partner up!

We would love to offer you an affiliate partnership – so that while you’re helping your students, you’re also gaining 30% of the revenue for each sign up from your barn. This is the perfect way to continue your income stream while helping your students.
Our 10-lesson course costs $ 247. We recommend to offer your students also 1-2 in-person lessons / demonstrations at your barn after the online course.

Get in touch

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We can’t wait to partner up with you!

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