1 Welcome to the Free Lungeing Training eCourse


First Lungeing Training Session:  Welcome to the Free Lungeing Training eCourse 

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d-lunging-1038-500Hello, horsey friend–

Thank you for signing up to our Lungeing Training eCourse and supporting our project!

This is the first email of our continuous email series. Before we start answering your pressing questions about lungeing, we would like to o share how lungeing training started and what this platform is about.


The idea:

Sue started about a while ago supporting a Chicago vaulting team to train horses for vaulting. Everyone knows, that for equestrian vaulting you need a well-lunged horse.



“I made my sister send me Lauffer side reins because I couldn’t order them anywhere, or they were extraordinary expensive. While complaining
to my sister that I couldn’t get the lungeing equipment we use in Germany, we figured out a significant difference: In the US most people don’t practice lungeing in the way it is practiced in Europe to train pleasure as well as top dressage horses,” explains Sue.


She started showing local friends exercises for lungeing as the perfect cross-exercise to riding.


Lungeing is like Pilates for horses — 

A stretching and gymnastic exercise for horses while the horse is working out on a circle at a lunge line.

The interest and demand grew and first success stories were shared – these will be featured on our blog. Many appreciated this cross-exercise, and were looking for alternatives to simply  letting the horses out in the field or riding them:

“I don’t get to ride my Arabian as much as I would like to. With lungeing I found a way to let him blow some steam off and already work him in a stretching and gymnastic way before getting on him . Not to forget the safety advantage!  The great result is a soft and relaxed horse for riding — even I don’t train him regularly.” – Barb, owner of an eight-year-old Arabian gelding.

With the growing demand, the idea was born to offer lungeing on a larger scale: an online platform to introduce lungeing exercises, feature different horses trained with these methods, and a forum where you can send in your questions and create a dialogue.




Lungeing Training is a platform is guided by Horse Pilates LLC, however it really is a shared effort of several experts in lungeing, and an entire team of supporters. Together we deliver you the lungeing training insights practiced in Europe for top dressage or pleasure horses.


524648_10200900435208601_1388901749_nWhat are we doing? 

We deliver the perfect cross-training to keep your horse in shape. In our online coaching videos, we will explain to you step by step how to lunge your horse with different side reins, double lungeing, or how to lunge young horses or ones recovering from injury. The options and variations are endless! Classical lungeing qualifies for every discipline and every breed.




questions-horseYou are invited: Please share your questions about lungeing with us on social media. They will be answered on next Free Lungeing Training eCourse session – we might even make a short demonstration video.

Please, POST your questions and topic wishes on our facebook page!

In addition, receive our e-book about lungeing 101 shortly and we are featuring regularly LUNGEING HOW TO videos on our website and facebook page.

We’re looking forward to share with you  in the next email the first Lungeing Training insights with you as part of your free eCourse email series!


Horsey wishes,

The Lungeing Training team