Free Webinar: How to Build Topline with Lunging Training

This week, we are hosting a free webinar on How to Build Topline with Lunging Training, where you’ll hear some tips and advice from Coach Sue about how lunging training can help with your horse’s topline!

Building your horse’s topline is vital to achieving the most excellent performance, however, it will require time, nutrition, and of course, a lot of practice until your horse’s back gets in shape.

About Coach Sue

Sue trained horses for equestrian vaulting and taught lunging for 15 years. She has seen amazing results using lunging as a cross-training method for horses. She has completed two lunging exams (level II and III) and earned her Trainer license in equestrian vaulting at the German Equestrian Federation (FN).

While coaching vaulting in the U.S., Sue started sharing her lunging expertise at a friend’s local barn. When she tried to order lunging equipment, she discovered there was no place in the United States to purchase what she needed. It was then that she realized just how uncommon it is in the U.S. to use lunging as a gymnastic-like cross-training exercise for horses.

Sue will be your coach in our new course: The Art of Lunging Scholars, which we’ll launch in 2 weeks! This is a new and affordable format, to help you to learn all the steps to become the best lunge trainer and get access and support from our experts.

Join us and bring your questions! 😊

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