Lunging a horse is really necessary?

Another question that we often receive is: “Lunging a horse is really necessary?”

First things first: It’s okay if you aren’t sure if lunging is really important for a horse!

Lunging simply can TRANSFORM your training program and keep your horse interested! When done correctly, lunging can help a horse learn to be more FLEXIBLE and BALANCED, as well as increase fitness if the horse has not been working.

Lunging a horse can help:

✅ Stretch the horse’s long back muscles

Activate their hindquarters or refine rhythm

✅ Be a stress-free exercise for the young stars

✅ Strength your trust bond

✅ Serve the trouble makers, the oldies, or help the recovery

But if you are not convinced yet, here is a real case story 👇

Marco, a 15-year-old Arabian was suffering from sinking back. His owner was in her seventies and she wasn’t riding as much as she used to do and because of that Marco’s strength dipped. Linda could see that he wasn’t as energetic in the field anymore. Searching for ways of helping Marco, Linda found out about Lunging Training and decided to learn, she had never lunged a horse before.

Through our classes,  she was able to learn what equipment she needed, which lunging exercises benefited Marco, and most importantly how to develop a lunging training plan, all of that with the support of our team.

That lifted Marco’s back, helped to strengthen his hind end, that encouraged him to stretch his long back muscle.

👇Watch video👇

And that’s why we believe in the power of lunging training and think EVERY horse and trainer should benefit from this technique.

In 3 weeks, we’ll launch our new course: The Art of Lunging Scholars, after hearing the feedback of our community, we have created a new and affordable format, to help you to learn all the steps to become the best lunge trainer and get access and support from our experts.

If you want to be the first one to apply and get discounts and benefits before we open it to everybody, you can register below 👇

New Course: The Art Of Lunging Scholars

If you want to be the first one to apply and get discounts and benefits before we open it to everybody, register below. *Don’t worry, we will only send information about the course.